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Rules and Handicapping

An Australian Handicap is a numerical figure, which is a reflection of an amateur golfer's playing ability. Australian Golf Handicaps allow golfers of all physical golf abilities to be able to compete against one another and are calculated and allotted in accordance with the Australian Handicapping and Course Rating Systems as specified by the Australian Golf Union. The maximum Australian Handicap permitted for men is 27 and for women is 45.

All affiliated golf clubs in Australia are permitted to allocate Australian Handicaps to the membership categories that each club deems appropriate. Such handicaps shall only be available to golfers in respect of whom an annual fee is payable to the State governing body. Usually categories of club membership associated with course playing rights entitle a player to attain and hold an Australian Handicap. In addition State Associations are permitted to directly allocate Australian Handicaps to non-club members through initiatives such as the VGA's Golfpass Program.

A player is only entitled to have one Australian Handicap that must be allocated by the player's "home club". If a player is or becomes a member of more than one golf club, he must select one club as his "home club"

An Australian Handicap is required in order for a player to compete in amateur or open events (including club competitions) away from a player's home club. It is in many ways an essential passport for enjoying golf competitions wherever the game is played.

Handicap enquiries should be directed to the District Handicap Manager, Mrs Cheryl Sternberg, Ph: 07 5465 3515 or via email to

Club Handicap Managers are asked to submit the following forms on a regular basis:

  • Annually - Annual Handicap Review Form to be completed by every club, every year and returned to the District Handicap Manager, BDLGA, before the end of January (or thereabouts) each year, BUT not until after January 1.


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