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Club Committees

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Vice-President - Kerry Chaplin
Vice-Captain - Sandra Edmondson

Ashgrove Golf Club

President - Gayle Kemp
Vice-President - Margaret Marshall
Secretary - Sue Ledlie
Captain - Ann Hardie
BDLGA Delegate - Karen Bretherton

Bay Islands Golf Club

President - Ron Hodder
Secretary - Gloria Hodder
Captain - Mel Ridge
Handicap Manager - Gordon Hassett
BDLGA Delegate - Mel Ridge

Boonah Golf Club

Secretary - Linda Hooke
Captain - Anne Browne

Brisbane Golf Club

President - Helen Placanica
Vice-President - Sue Rapson
Secretary - Lindsay Gaskell
Captain - Elaine Egerton
Vice-Captain - Kerrie O'Callaghan
Handicap Manager - Elaine Egerton
BDLGA Delegate - Elaine Egerton
Junior Coordinator - Joe Janison, Director of Golf

Brookwater Golf Club

Handicap Manager - Mark Weir
BDLGA Delegate - Jo McCann

Carbrook Golf Club

President - Mary O'Brien
Vice-President - Jill Magee
Secretary - Gail Hayes
Captain - Sandra Brown
Vice-Captain - Carol Scott

Esk Country Golf Club

President - Peter Deaves
Secretary - Kay Deaves
Captain - Fred Brown
Handicap Manager - Chris Wheeler

Gailes Golf Club

Captain - Kathy Kibsgaard
BDLGA Delegate - Heather Nicholls

Hattonvale Golf Club

Secretary - Keran Holmes
Captain - Keran Holmes

Indooroopilly Golf Club

President - Catherine Carter
Vice-President - Joan James
Captain - Terri Williams
Vice-Captain - Christine Poole

Ipswich City Golf

BDLGA Delegate - Judy Ziebell

Jindalee Golf Club

President - Bev Hocker
Secretary - Carol Raven
Captain - Brendan Carson
BDLGA Delegate - Jo Fisher

Keperra Country Golf Club

President - Lyn Howarth
Vice-President - Deb Love
Secretary - Nancy Chapman
Captain - Jill Garvey
Vice-Captain - Jan Stapleton
BDLGA Delegate - Jill Garvey
Junior Coordinator - Lyn Howarth

Laidley Golf Club

President - Christine Scheiwe
Vice-President - Judy Logan
Secretary - Marie Voorma
Captain - Helen Gray
Vice-Captain - Jenny Paroz
Handicap Manager - Barbara Panzram
BDLGA Delegate - Barbara Panzram
Junior Coordinator - Paige Faulks

Meadowbrook Golf Club

President - Tony Cook
Vice-President - Alan Whiteway
Captain - Heather Kirk
Handicap Manager - June Smith
BDLGA Delegate - Julie Houghton

Lowood Golf Club

Captain - Gertie Daniel
Handicap Manager - Gloria Molloy

McLeod Golf Club

President - Carolyn McIlvenny
Vice-President - Meryl McKenzie
Secretary - Cathy Nichols
Captain - Collette Byrne
Vice-Captain - Susan Rutherford
BDLGA Delegate - Susan Rutherford

Mt Warren Park Golf Club

President - Carol Russell
Vice-President - Monica Weaver
Secretary - Barbara Hucker
Captain - Sue Bargh
BDLGA Delegate - Carol Russell
Secretary - Club Manager

North Stradbroke Island Golf Club

Secretary - Sonja Miles
Secretary - Beverly Hurley
Captain - Marie Mitchell

Nudgee Golf Club

President - Maureen Farlow
Vice-President - Kristine Silich
Captain - Suzie Gordon
Handicap Manager - Suzie Gordon
BDLGA Delegate - Kristine Silich
Junior Coordinator - Ash McCourt

Oxley Golf Club

President - Theresa Cunningham
Secretary - Penny Kereama
Captain - Joanne Gregory
Vice-Captain - Dorothy Burns
BDLGA Delegate - Joanne Lansbury

Pacific Golf Club

President - Helena Healey
Secretary - Rina Judd
Captain - Lila Carson
Junior Coordinator - Mike Tucker (President)

Pine Rivers Golf Club

Secretary - Lois Blackwell
Captain - Roberta Weick
Handicap Manager - Melita Smith
BDLGA Delegate - Gwen Wilson

Redcliffe Golf Club

President - Natalie Turnbull
Vice-President - Ann Egan
Secretary - Jenny Jones
Captain - Chris Robson
Vice-Captain - Helen Chittock
BDLGA Delegate - Helen Chittock

Redland Bay Golf Club

President - Raye Nettles
Secretary - Eileen Mills
Captain - Colleen McGrath
Vice-Captain - Maureen Kania

Riverlakes Golf Club

Captain - Kathleen Farley

Rosewood Golf Club

President - Mary Gibson, Chairperson
Vice-President - Shirley Morgan, Vice-Chairperson
Secretary - Sarah Erith
Handicap Manager - Lorraine Hunter
BDLGA Delegate - Shirley Morgan, Vice-Chairperson

Royal Queensland Golf Club

President - Jan Kildey
Vice-President - Sonya Pozzi
Secretary - Leanne Rooijmans
Captain - Jenna Lyons
Vice-Captain - Dr Evelyn Foley
Junior Coordinator - Leanne Rooijmans

Sandgate Golf Club

Secretary - Vicki Gannon
Handicap Manager - Diane Van Geuns
BDLGA Delegate - Joy Black

Sandy Gallop Golf Club

President - Barbara Scott
Secretary - Janet Fay
Captain - Maureen Hughes
Vice-Captain - Cheryl Capwell
BDLGA Delegate - Yvon Harris

Toogoolawah Golf Club

President - Barbara Scott
Secretary - Denise Ball
BDLGA Delegate - Pam Taylor

Village Links Golf Club

Secretary - Joan Parker
BDLGA Delegate - Keryn Ashton

Virginia Golf Club

President - Gail Gablonski
Secretary - Narelle Fraser
Captain - Barbara Thomas
Vice-Captain - Noelene Stoney
Vice-Captain - Rose Pullinger
BDLGA Delegate - Gail Gablonski

Wantima Golf Club

Secretary - Vicki Staples
Captain - Patsy Olive
Vice-Captain - Julie Van-Heythuysen
BDLGA Delegate - Patsy Olive

Windaroo Lakes Golf Club

Secretary - Club Manager
Captain - Mary Jennings

Wolston Park Golf Club

President - M Chisholm
Handicap Manager - Margaret Dinsdale
BDLGA Delegate - Mary Byrne

Wynnum Golf Club

President - Janet Hamilton
Vice-President - Deborah Reeve
Secretary - Olivia Evans
Captain - Maureen McNamara
Vice-Captain - Jacque Amprimo
Handicap Manager - Daphne Hine
BDLGA Delegate - Jacque Amprimo

Bulimba Golf Club

Secretary - Kerry Hingston


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